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Psychology 1000

Evolution 10/11/2012 10:14:00 AM Adaption & Selection Aggression Weapons Effect Next Time: More Evolution & Stats Read: Appendix Video: the weapons effect Today’s Question  isn’t all behavior due to genes ultimately?  how does adaption work?  is aggression innate? Rofessor Buss reports that H^2 for the personality trait fo envy is -1.86. this suggests that a. envy is mostly due to genes b. envy is mostly due to environment c. envy is not likely inherited d. envy is the product of both genes and environment e. buss made an error- can’t be negative genes is the building block to behavior evolution Evolution Collapse timeline into 365 days 1 day= 9.6 million years Jan. 1  life begins Feb.—Oct.  Not much Mid Nov.  1 vertebrates th Dec. 11  mammals Dec. 19 th Birds th Dec. 24  Primates 11:54 pm on 31  Homo Sapiens in the greater expand of thing, species haven’t been here for a long time. Darwin Adaptation  changing to meet environmental needs o functionalist  Proximal vs. Distal causes o Proximal: Immediate mechanisms (what cause that behavior..) o Distal: evolutionary processes (where did it come from, move further way before)  Distal o Evolutionary History of Species o Individual DNA o Inherited Traits o Social development o Emotional reaction info processing psychologist o phenomenological experience  Proximal Tinbergen: what causes aggression?  Given that an adult animal fights now and then, what makes each outburst happen?-proximal question  How has the animal, as it grew up, developed this behavior?-  How has the species were observe today acquired the particular behavior systems during evolution?-Distal question Note Functional approach very powerful  ultimately, everything due to genes But… phenotype does not = genotype  traits not necessarily due to natural selection No Natural Selection Genetic Drift  founder effect…chance (something happened to change a gene pool, was not meant by by environmental pressure) o Afrikaner population Correlates of Structure  Other related trait selected: we didn’t select, but it happens anyway. Eg) longer middle finger. Maybe not have
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