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Chapter 14 – Treatment of Psychological Disorders A comprehensive summary of key terms and aspects of the required learnings / teachings from Ch. 14.

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Psychology 1000
Laura Fazakas- De Hoog

Chapter 14Treatment of Psychological Disorders Mental health professionals fall into several categories o Counseling and clinical psychologiststypically hold a PhD or PsyD o Psychiatristsmedical doctors who specialize in psychotherapy and biomedical treatments o Therapist counselor psychotherapist hypnotist are NOT protected termsAPA membership 29 eclectic combined 21 psychodynamic 16 behavioural 13 cognitive 12 humanistic 9 otherPsychodynamic TherapiesPsychoanalysis o Goal is to help clients achieve insight conscious awareness of psychodynamics that underlie their problems o Free associationprocedure of verbalizing all thoughts that enter consciousness without censorshipFreud sat out of sight from patient so thought processes would be determined by internal factors o Dream interpretation through free association of dream elements o Resistancedefensive maneuvers that hinder the process of therapy o Transferencepsychoanalytic phenomenon in which a client responds irrationally to the analyst as if he were an important person from the clients past who plays an important role in the clients dynamicsPositive transference occurs when a client transfers intense affection dependency or love to the analystNegative transference occurs when a client transfers expressions of anger hatred or disappointment to the analyst o Interpretationany statement by the therapist intended to provide the client with insight into their behaviour or dynamicsBrief Psychodynamic Therapies o Clients seen a few times a week rather than daily o Focus on current life situations rather than on past childhood experiences o Interpersonal therapyform of brief therapy that focuses on the clients interpersonal problems and seeks to develop new interpersonal skillsHumanistic PsychotherapiesClientCentred Therapy o Most important part of therapy is relationship that develops between client and therapist o Three important and interrelated therapist attributesUnconditional positive regardtherapists show clients that they genuinely care about them and accept them without judgment or evaluationEmpathywillingness and ability to view the world through the clients eyesTherapist communicates understanding by reflecting back to client what they are communicatingTherapist cannot fake it because client will realize thisGenuinenesstherapist must honestly express his or her feelings whether positive or negative o Nondirective approach only person who can cure the client is client themselvesGestalt Therapy o Term gestalt refers to perceptual principles through which people actively organize stimulus elements into meaningful whole patternsGoals of therapy is to bring background figures into immediate awareness so that client can be whole again o Emptychair technique involves client carrying on a conversation with his mother where he alternately plays his mother and himself
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