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Dreaming Theories of Sleep Sleep Disorders Dream content Why do we sleep? What causes sleep disorders? What do we dream about? Why do we sleep A. Restorative function Sleep deprivation Attention lapse Irritability Able to function But... little effect on task performance A. Evolutionary benefit Webb (1975) A. Learning and memory REM deprived subjects show reduced ability to retain new information Note: REM specific A. Mood adjustment Berry and Webb (1985) Speed of cycling into REM correlated with positive mood on following day Note: Depressed individuals tend to cycle into REM very quickly Perhaps this helps improve mood in some fashion Sleep disorders About 15% of adults complain 1. Insomnia Most common Difficulty in getting to sleep or staying asleep For some --> expectations fall short Sleep 5 hours, but expect 8 hours like other people Situational Insomnia Specific stressor Chronic insomnia Possibly circadian rhythm problem Thermoregulation problem Failure to lower body temperature Activation remains high and normal sleep cycle fails to develop 1. Sleep Apnea Interruption in breathing during sleep Normal... but people with disorder do not start breathing again unless they wake up Severe May stop for about 1 minute, hundreds of times in the night Cause? Obstruction of air passage (Loud snores) Abnormal brain function --> SID 1. Narcolepsy Affects 2 - 8 % Person suddenly falls asleep at odd times Muscle weakne
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