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Psychology 1000

Dementia and Mnemonics Alzheimer’s Disease Mnemonics Christmas Exam How can we treat Alzheimer’s Disease? How can we improve memory? What do we need to know for the exam? Alzheimer’s Disease  Recent events face first  Ultimately old memories go an patient becomes “mentally vacant”  Bedridden, helpless, death in about 10 years  Produces severe degeneration of hippocampus and cortex o Association areas of frontal and temporal lobes  Easily observed on autopsy  Nerve degeneration in ACL tracts  Reduction in ACL produces memory loss  NE, serotonin, and DA also involved Cause?  Chromosome 21 defect (1 case in 3)  Build up of protein results in plaques and tangles  Viral damage to blood-brain barrier  Excess aluminum? Zinc? o No evidence Treatment?  Nourishment and exercise  “Smart drugs” (nootropics) o e.g. Piracetam… Aspirin or Advil seems to slow progression  Brain grafts and vaccine Mnemonics  Organization strategies 1. Keyword Method a. Think of highly visualized image and link it to a new concept b. Have words “interact” 2. Method of Loci a. Again Imagery b. Place each item at different location c. Also work best with interaction 3. Peg Method a. Take easy list (1, 2, 3…) b. Use pegs to “hang” new info one c. 1 = Bun, 2 = Shoe Encoding Specificity  Memory is aided when the context at learning is matched by the context at retrieval Remember  Comprehend, rather than memorize  Affect and arousal moderately high  Memory is better for spaced rehearsal  Use m
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