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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Genetics.docx

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Psychology 1000

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Psych 1000 October 4, 2012 LEC 9 Genetics How do genes “work”? What is the outcome with recessive genes? How is more complex behavior coded? SPLIT BRAIN  Visual field – brain has contralateral control of the visual field not the eye itself because both eyes can see both visual fields  Split brain tests only work for right handed people  The experimenter knows the lateralization of their brain  Right hemisphere cannot express language (cannot “speak”)  Verbal tasks can only be performed by left hemisphere Genetics of Behaviour  Nature : something we’re born with vs Nurture : something we learn  Both interact to produce human behavior Genes  Strand-like molecules of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)  Linked on chromosomes  Karyotype : Genetic blueprint, what genetic material each individual has  In humans, 22 autosomes pairs, 1 sex pair  Genes code for something,  DNA provides a template for RNA  RNA codes for protein molecules (sequences of amino acids)  Protein molecules influence how we develop, how we grow, ie, who we are  The influence of genes is through protein synthesis, there are no genes “for” a particular attribute  Gene “for” intelligence?  Reaction time, many people judge intelligence by reaction time  Maybe proteins made myelinate neurons and create faster neuron transmission, therefore highe
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