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Psychology 1000

th Genetics Oct 4 - Gene action - Dominant & recessive traits - Polygenic effects NEXT TIME: Heritability Scan: page 117 – 123 VIDEO: - Identical twins: o Analyse their traits o Always an environmental trigger, some are affected whereas others are not (one half is affected) Guiding Questions: o How do genes “work”? o What is the outcome with recessive genes? o How is more complex behavior coded? Oct 20 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM SSC 3018 Check out practise midterm exam Check out discussion group - Touch for babies allows critical development to occur - Alzheimer patients are unable to recall information quickly and efficiently - We would expect an one year old child to recover from traumatic brain damage quiker than adults because they have more synapses RESEARCH THE SPLIT BRAIN PROCEDURE Split brain surgery - Doesn’t affect physical aspects - However, during testing, there is a notable difference in the person’s thinking Right handed people have language abilities/lateralization in the right side of the brain - Right hemisphere can’t “speak” but it knows what it “sees” - using the left hand, the right hemisphere will be able to project it’s knowledge - if in left hemisphere  can verbalize about it - if in right hemisphere  can’t verbalize but can use left hand to demonstrate Genetics of behaviours - result of gene behavior NATURE vs. NURTURE - nature: something we are born with - nurture: something we learn - both interact and both help determine how we perceive situations o GENES:  strand: like molecules of DNA  linked on chromosomes  karyotype: genetic blueprint  humans: 23 pairs; 22 pairs of autosomes + 1 pair of sex chromosomes  XX (female) or  Xy (male) Genes (DNA) code for and provides a template for RNA, which codes for protein molecules (sequence of amino acids), which take care of the rest of the person’s traits
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