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Psychology 1000

PSYCHOLOGY 1000 OCTOBER 11, 2012 Evolution and behavior - Adaptation and selection - Aggression - Weapons effect NEXT TIME: More Evolution and Stats READ: Appendix GUIDING QUESTIONS: - Isn’t all behavior due to genes ultimately? - How does adaptation work? - Is aggression innate? Exam room: SSC 3018 Make-up; contact Megan Under Welcome tab, there is information about exams SDC website sign-up for workshops PROFESSOR BUSS REPORTS THAT FOR THE PERSONALITY TRAIT OF ENVY IS 1.86. THIS SUGGESTS THAT: a. Envy is mostly due to genes b. Envy is mostly due to environment c. Envy is not likely inherited d. Envy is the product of both genes and environment e. Buss made an error POLYGENIC EFFECTS: - Traits related to action of more than 1 gene or chromosome - Heritability o - Bouchard’s twin study - Genetic disorders: o PKU o Tay Sachs disease  Look at retina – hole – in order to diagnose disease  Disinitgration of the retina; loss of sight  At first, normal development, then, blind, deaf and unable to swallow  Muscle atrophy and mental impairment  Fatal by age 4 o Huntington’s disease  Rare dominant genes on autosome pair 4  Occurrence: 1 in 16000  Onset: 35 – 45 years of age  People don’t know until 30 – 40 years later  A set of problems occur  At first, clumsy and forgetful  Marked by progressive deterioration in  Muscle control (chorea)  IQ related problems – decrease  Brain atrophy  Terminal in 10 – 20 years o Very slow  Enlarged ventricles & cortical degeneration o Ventricles are not supposed to be that large, almost a hole  NOTE:  It is a dominant gene: o Offspring has 50% chance of acquiring Huntington’s disease o Detection is possible through gene mapping o Sex-linked disorders  Found on XX or Xy  Men are more susceptible than women…why?  Men have only one X chromosome, so men cannot be carriers, but rather simply have the disease o Examples:  Baldness  Red-green color blindness  Hemophilia  These are all more possible to happen in males than in females  Chromosome disorders  Sex chromosomes o Normal is XX or Xy o But, can get  XXX  X_  XXy or Xyy (will be phenotypically male as long as there is a y sex chromosome) o About 30 years ago, the discovery of males with Xyy were involved in triple axe murders so there was a theory that they were hyper-aggressive  Later discovered that the males with Xyy were more likely to get caught  Down syndrome  1 extra chromosome on 21 chromosome pair  Marked by o Nervous system abnormality o Mild to moderate retardation o Shorter life expectancy o Physical appearance  Mongolism  Caused by: o Accumulation of amyloid protein, which is also in Alzheimer’s patients  NOTE: can alleviate symptoms with intense cognitive stimulation  Not hereditary…due to faulty meiotic division  Incidence related to mother’s age and a bit of dad’s age  Risk:  Before 40 y
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