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learning and memory 2

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Psychology 1000

20 November 2012PsychologyNotesLearningandMemoryLecture 2Four phenomenons related to classical conditionings basic paradigmStimulus Generalization Example of Albert after a few day testsAlberts fear had generalized to other stimuli which were physically similar to the hairy furry rat Stimuli which are similar physically to the conditioned stimulus generate a similar reactionHigherorder conditioning Example in Dr Skinners personal example he became the second order conditioned stimulus for his wife to want to drink wine Example2 book in Alberts experiment was made the second order conditioned stimulus Example of woman afraid of fish and other water plants like water lily What happens when you condition someoneThe more intensetraumatic the classical conditioning experience then it is more likely for conditioned stimulus to keep its power over timeExtinctionExample of the fetal test of sound After a week the fetal movement no longer occurs in this kind of non traumatic experience spontaneous recovery occurs for a little while but eventually distinction occurs1Example 1964 American Journal of abnormal psychology by CampbellParticipants were aged alcoholics not healthy American war veteransOnce the alcoholic enters Buzzer goes on by experimenterThe buzzer rings for 90 seconds till when the drug was being administered which caused an immediate sensation of not breathing 1
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