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Psych 1000 Lecture Notes

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Psychology 1000

Psych 1000Sept 14 2010Read chapter 1 pg 218PsychologyThe brainThe mindLearningClinical issuesPsychosurgeryBrain surgery in the absence of obvious organic damageMoniz 1935Radical Prefrontal Lobotomy has calming effect on violet emotional behaviour in chimpsHe supervised 100 Prefrontal Lobotomies Over next 20 years 40 000 in US alone were performedSimple icepick procedure performed Prefrontal lobes control emotion and therefore separate from the rest of the brainPatients because docile apathetic and experiences severe blunting of emotion intellectual problems and was sometimes terminalfinish Chapter 1What is PsychologyWhat is psychologyExplanations of BehaviourSchools of Psychology PioneersExplanations of Behaviour example uses aggressionAll of these levels can influence the others They are related and are not mutually exclusive No one level is better than the other or CORRECT they all simply explain a phenomenon in a different wayCultural Factors Societal norms external value systemsHOW CULTURE LOOKS AT AND REACTS TO A SPECIFIC BEHAVIOURIndividual FactorsLearning cognitive processesEx Previous violence in home causes high risk for violence someone maybe learn to be violent in this wayBiological FactorsNeural hormonalBrain structures neurotransmitters tumorsPSYCHOLOGYThe scientific study of behaviour and the factors that influence it pg 4Schools of PsychologyFunctionalismFocus on function or significance of behaviourHow does a behaviour or mental process help us to adapt
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