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Western University
Psychology 1000

Psych lecture: who the fuck knows Treatment • Psychosurgery • Electroconvulsive therapy • Drug therapy • What are the symptoms and causes of DID? • What are the various options for somatic therapy? • How do psychoactive drugs work? Dissociative disorders • Trying to avoid troubling thought, feelings and memories. They remove them from their conscious awareness – Freudian techniques. Simple version Psychogenic amnesia • Patient unable to remember specific events, time In life or identity More complex version Psychogenic fugue • Patient wanders away from home • Develops new identity (the way chuck bass does in gossip girl) • Doesn’t have multiple personality, but swaps out an old one for a new one. Most complex Dissociative identity disorder • Patient develops 2 or more separate identities that co-exist • Under stress patient switches from one identity to another Criteria for DID: - 2 or more distinct identities - At least 2 of these identity take complete control over behavior - Amnesia for important personal data - Not due to substance abuse. Characteristics - 92% female - Normal educational background; 37% college, 88% high school - 49% are married and living with their spouse - Max number of identities = 60 - 90% have depression - 70% mood swings - 30% hallucinations - 60% conversion disorder They may not be aware that other personalities exist (usually they don’t), some personalities know about the others, and then other ones don’t. Very rare to know about their other personalities. Etiology - Emotional crisis before age 6 - Extreme physical or sexual abuse - Disorder not typically discovered until adulthood - Patient becomes curious about blackouts and memory lapses Note: - 200 cases reported until 1980 - Current: about 7000 diagnosed in north America - Huge increase (3500%) - Almost all female - Mean number of personalities from 3 to 15 - Very rare to nonexistent outside of north America - None in India or japan - Cultural phenomenon? - Perhaps due to popularity of movies like “3 faces of eve” - Some have suggested that disorder is extreme form of role-playing ex: spanos (1986) REAL? - Evoked potential differences - Distinct handedness and acuity differences - Involvement of hippocampus Mental Health Professionals - Psychologist is a protected term, licensed, Ph.D. or masters or psych associate - Therapist, counselor, psychotherapist and hypnotists are not protected terms - Clinical/counseling psychologist has a Ph.D. and 5-7 years post BA degree - Psychiatrist has an M.D. 7-9 years post BA degree Guidelines for Seeking Help - Identify the professional’s credentials - Give therapy time (4-6 weeks) - Be a thoughtful and careful
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