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Psychology 1000

Memory • Behavior therapy • Memory quiz • Info processing model • How do we remember memories? • Why do we forget them? Next time: memory 2 scan pages 279-288 Behavior therapy • Psychotherapy based on principles of classical or operant conditioning • Problem is viewed as an error or failure in learning • Cure is to relearn Treatment of Fear Simple phobia • Intense, irrational fear of object or situation • Relatively common • Anxiety disorder Note: • Over 200 recognized phobias • Some phobias are “easier” to deal with – fear of animals don’t go to the zoo • BUT we can generalize these Treatment: • Exposure o Flooding: patient is continuously presented with fearful object, until it is no longer causes fear  Limited value: patient must be willing to expose themselves to the fearful object  Not always possible o Implosion: patient must continuously imagine fearful situation (think about being with snakes) o Counter conditioning: replace CR of fear with a more pleasant response.  Identify a positive UCS – UCR  Pair the feared object with low intensity level with the positive UCS – UC
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