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Lecture 12

Psych lecture 12 October 22.docx

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Western University
Psychology 1000

Psych lecture 12 October 22, 2013 • Psychophysics • Subliminal perception • Visual systems • What do Weber fractions tell you about sensation? • Can we perceive subliminal messages? • How do visual systems work? Next Time: More about vision pages 150-158 Sensation • How do we perceive the world around us • Psychophysics: relationship between physical and psychophysical response o Fechner is the father of psychophysics o Can determine a just noticeable difference (JND) o Threshold: value of stimulus characteristics required to produce some response o Absolute: lower limit  Vision: can see candle flame at 50km  Hearing: tick of a watch at 6m  Taste: tsp. of sugar in 8L of water  Smell: 1 drop of perfume in a 6 room apartment  Touch: wing of a fly falling on cheer from 1cm  Difference: amount of change for JND • Relationship: brightness & perceived brightness. (not 1:1 relationship) • Webers law (see picture on phone) size of difference threshold relative to physical intensity of test is constant. (JND for hearing = 1/10) • The value of a JND is not cons
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