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Lecture 3

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Psychology 1000

Psych lecture 3 September 19, 2013 Today’s Lecture • What do psychologists do? • Pioneers of psychology • Scientific method • How do we determine which claims about psych are valid? Next Time: Methods. Read chapter 2 pages 38-68 Review of schools of psychology: functionalism, psychodynamic, behaviorism, gestalt tradition (beginning of cognitive), humanistic tradition, biological tradition (neuroscience & brain imaging) & sociocultural tradition (social norms, embedded in culture, ex: raising children in different cultures) Psychologists • Psychology is whatever psychologists do. o 43% are clinical psychologists (heavy duty mental disorders) o 11% are counseling psychologists (behavior and adjustment issues ex: marriage) o 4% are developmental psychologists (human or animal or brain cell growth) o 5% are educational psychologists (education system and how it works ex: Dr. Mike ) o 8% are experimental psychologists (research on learning and memory) o 7% are industrial organizational (selecting people for jobs, reward structures, work environments) o 2% are personality psychologists (how it develops and what it is) o 7% are school psychologists (similar to counseling, but in school environments) o 4% are social psychologists (study of normal behavior, why do people fall in love?) o 9% are “others” (legal services, jury training, witness training) Pioneers of psychology • Rene Descartes o Philosopher and a mathematician o “how does the body work” o Reflexology • Gustav Fechner o “How many angels can you fit on the head of a pin” God and religion aren’t infinite and then they don’t exist. If there is a number you have to have a reason why you got that number • Wilhelm Wundt o Founder of psychology o First lab in psychology o Focused on experience and how it is explained • William James o Harvard grad didn’t give psych degrees o Claimed he was the first to create a lab o Wrote the first textbook for psychology • Mary Calkins o Friends with James o James took her to Harvard med school to study psychology o Wasn’t allowed to take medicine because she was a women o If she wasn’t allowed to study James wouldn’t stay o Audited
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