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Psychology 1000

Psych 1000 sept 12 th What is psychology? • Why we do things • Biochem makeup of the brain • How the brain works in both humans and animals • Freud • Brain and mind Neurons are the building blocks of the brain and the central nervous system Dopamine travels from nerve cells to its receptor that creates happy feelings, • Cocaine highjacks the amount of dopamine that is occurring, and it stops the dopamine from going back to the original nerve cell so a backup of dopamine occurs in the brain. • Too much dopamine causes hallucinations • Antipsychotics allow for this to be stopped The mind is different from the brain, it allows for the brain to be working. Studying the mind by studying the effects of things on the brain. • Illusions can help to explain how the mind is working Behavior/learning • The oldest portion of psychology • Can psychology explain school shootings? • Does media violence cause violent people? • Children age 5 watch 2-3 hours a day of tv, age 10 4-6, 16 you see 13 000 murders on tv, and by 18 you have spent longer watching tv than you have been in school. • 8/10 tv shows contain violence, an act of violence occurs every 16 minutes, and a murder occurs every 31 minutes. • 94% of children’s cartoons involve violence and good guys are as bad as the bad guys • 50% of killers do not suffer consequences and pain and suffering are rarely shown on tv. • If we have learned these behaviors, is there a way to unlearn these behaviors? Clinical Issues • 3000 or 4000 years BC people would
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