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Definition of Psychology

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Psychology 1000
Nick Skinner

Tuesday Sept 20, 2011 Psychology Week 2 Lecture 1. Definition of psychology 2. Methods of psychology Definition of Psychology – Psychology is the study of the mind, in a sense of the visible indicators of this said ‘mind’. It is the study of mental processes, cognition, thought and thinking. It studies behaviour and responses to the surrounding environment and situation as well as society. It relates to personality as well as mental disorders and abnormalities. The most concise definition is the study of human and animal behaviour. Learning perspectives believe measurements of observations are still valuable. Reaction (behaviour) is a function of stimuli (the r-s model). Then the more complicated cognitive perspective model was developed, Stimulus Organism Response S-O-R model, which means the response is a function of the stimuli and the organism. Animal testing in Psychology- 5 reasons for studying animals page 67 - To conduct basic research on a particular species. - To discover practical applications. - To study issues that cannot be studied experimentally with human beings because of practical or ethical considerations. - To clarify theoretical questions. - To improve human and animal welfare. While most research done by psychologists pertains to humans they also greatly study animals. They study animals to study evolutionary behaviour and if it has evol
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