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Learning, Memory and Cognition

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Psychology 1000
Nick Skinner

David Molnar November 15, 2011 Psychology 1000 - Lecture 8 - Learning, Memory, and Cognition A. learning - Chapter 7 in the textbook. 1. Definition of learning 2. Association 3. Types of Learning a. classical conditioning b. basic paradigm c. related phenomena SA 150 is where the mid term exam marks will be posted. December 15 is the Christmas exam at 7:00 pm. Learning - Learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior or behavior potential due to experience. - Learning serves as a function from experience. - Learning is that which may be said to have occurred when there is a change in the probability of the specified response following the cessation of a specified stimulus situation, excluding changes due to physical growth (maturation) and changes due to physical or chemical alteration of the nervous system. [Jensen, 1964] - Function of maturation: - Imprinted response 13 to 16 hours after duckling is born it will start to follow their mother. - Suckling reflex when human babies are born they are ab
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