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Feb.7.2012 Cognitivedevelopment.docx

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Psychology 1000
Emilie Rivers

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thTuesday February7 2012 Psychology 1000Cognitive DevelopmentSensory Motor Stage o2yrsoNothing exists apart from childs own perceptions and motor reactionsoNo selfconceptNo feeling as self as part of the world One big mesh of stimulioLook at organization of sensory and motor reaction PiagetSchemasoAt birthvariety of reflexoAt first schemas operate in isolation Around 4 months start combining schemas oCoordination of activities not present until 5 monthsboth hands coordination by 7 monthsoPseudoimitation presentChild can imitate but only if actions just produced Not real imitation oImportance of sensory visual feedback Example stick out tongue oRough acquisition by 1112 months Starting to develop selfconcept o1824monthsEfficient imitation Representational thought External world exists
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