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Psychology 1000: Chapter 2

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Psychology 1000

Chapter 2 Studying Behaviour Scientifically Wednesday September 10 20141251 PMSCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES IN PSYCHOLOGYScience is an approach to asking and answering questions about the world around usThe scientific method is used by psychologists for behavioural science because the subject matter is not as tangible as the physical sciences Scientific AttitudesGood scientists have curiosityoThey are skeptics they have to look for evidenceAfter the Kitty Genovese murder psychology professors were so curious as to how 38 people could witness a murder and not call the policeoThey were skeptic that all witnesses could have had bystanders apathyoCame up with the theory of diffusion of responsibilityPeople feel as if others will take responsibility Gathering Evidence Steps in the Scientific ProcessObserve something that peaks Identify a Question 1interestof InterestAsk a question about itResearch and observe the Gather Information 1subjectand Form a HypothesisMake a tentative explanation almost like a guess called a hypothesisCreate a test in order to observe Test Hypothesis by 1reactions from the test subjectsConducting ResearchAnalyze the dataAnalyze Data Draw 1Make a journal documenting the Conclusions Report FindingsfindingsAsk further questionsBuild a Body of 1Build theories about why Knowledgebehaviours occurDevelop a new hypothesis which is tested by conducting more research Two Approaches to Understanding BehaviourHindsightReasoning after the factoProblem with using hindsight is that many different explanations can be made to understand behaviour Understanding through Prediction Control and Theory BuildingScientists like to test cause and effect directlyTheory development has several important characteristics oIncorporates facts and observations
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