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Lecture 3

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Western University
Psychology 1000

LECTURE NOTES September 15 2011 dont try to remember names and dates only know big ones like freud Reading the Textthink about background infosurvey titles heading etcoutline the chapterdecide how much you will readas you start look at the heading and ask yourself what is this aboutlook at the layout for clues boldlook for the big pictureparaphrase sectionput notes in marginkey words conceptsmake summary notes of your notesmake up test questions basic time managementidentify your best time for studystudy difficult subjects firstuse distributed learningmake sure the environment is supportiveset time for your social lifeset time to sleep and eatcombine activitiesSeptember 15 2011 Next time scan chapt 2 p 4467 there is a biological basis for all of our behaviorWhat do psychologists do43 of psychologists are clinical psychologiststreat ppl with mental probelms11counselingeveryday problems like marriage 4developmentalhow an organism develops from birthadulthoodbeyond What happens as you grow upinterested in neuro development5educational psychologistsinterested in how students learn how can we learn from all kinds of situations8experimental psychnot the only ones who do experiments7industrial organizational psychologistsemployee retention personnel testing 2 personality psychologistsex freudhow do u develop into who u r going to be
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