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Lecture 4

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Western University
Psychology 1000

Lecture Notes September 22 2011Biological Foundations More research design The neuron Action potentialStrategies for psych 1000next week workshopRead 7378 what are some source of bias in an experimentWhat is the basic structure of a neuronHow do neurons workDr Jung argues that increase in temp increases aggression He recorded temp each day and notedof reported assaults More assaults occurred on hotter daysWhy is his claim inaccurate A the data are based on self report B data are correlational C this is a case study D variables are controlled E assaults are neg related to aggression answerBThreats To ValidityInternal validity really importantdegree to which experiment supports causal conclusionwe want high internal validityhard to controlExternal Validitydegree to which results can be generalized does the result you get in a lab only apply to the ppl u studied or does it apply to everyone Ex if u only test on kids how do you know it applies to adultsEasier to control replicate the study with diff populations increase sample sizes Ideal studyhigh internal and external validityDemand Characteristicscues in experiment convey hypothesis to participantsthe way you sort of tell the participants what you want and get them to help you get your wanted results
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