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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Psychology 1000

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September 27 2011 Scan pg 8090 coffee makes you feels awakearousedhelps you concentrate increases reaction timerelaxes bronchiole tubes opening airways making breathing easierstimulates adrenal glandmyth caffeine helps you lose weightcaffeine helps u break up fatty cells but doesnt make u burn those broken partsHow do Neurons WorkHow do neurons produce an electrical signal cell membranesemipermeable has holes in it that can let stuff pass back and forthinside the cell body is a bunch of ions charged particles that have either lostgained an electron outsideextracellular fluidoutside are also ions in extracellular there is way more sodium outside than on insideas a result theres a diff bw charges outside and insidethe charge builds up on the cell membrane pos charge on outside neg charge on inside of cell membraneneuron looks like a battery has an electrical charge bc of positive outside and neg insidelooking at the charge shows how neurons produce Action potentialvery important only occur in the axons in the neuronmove down axon basis of neural communicationhappens at axon hillockhow its producedparts of action potential resting potential70 millivolts inside neuron when the neuron gets stimulated and receives input from another neuron the charge on the neuron moves up from 70mv starts to become positiveas it becomes more positive its a period of depolarization losing its polaritysodium ions from outside are coming into neuronwhen neuron is stimulated all the holes start opening up a little bit and sodium ions can now get insidesodium ions can get in but potassium are too big so they stay outsidesodium ions are pos so inside becomes more posat around 55 mv the threshold is reached
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