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Psych Lecture Notes

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Psychology 1000
Terry Biggs

Psych Lecture Notes January 12 Psycholinguistics y Three categories o The function of language o Models of language processing o Physiological localization of functions in the brain y Examine the evidence for two major views of human mental processes o Modularity o Connectionism What is language y Although every organism can relay information within species only humans use language y In human communication all languages have words that serve as symbols for objects and concepts y Words alone however are not sufficient to make a language y Important feature common to all human languages is that they possess a system of rules for combining words into sentences Properties of Language y Language is symbolic o Uses written signs sounds and gestures to refer to objects events ideas and feelings y Language has structure o Rules that govern how symbols can be combined y Language is generative o Symbols can be combined in infinite y Surface structure o The way symbols are combined within a given language o Rules for equals syntax y Deep structure o The underlying meaning of the combined symbols o Rules for equals semantics y Phonemes o The smalled units of sound that are recognizes as separate o Eg th and sh y Morphemes o The smallest units of meaning in language
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