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Psychology 1000

Brenna Llewellyn 25700534 September 11 2012 Read for September 13: Finish Chapter One Next Time: History & Methods NOTE: fb group: the official psych 1000 Questions answered in this lecture: What are the different approaches to psychology? What do psychologists do? Psychology: The scientific study of behaviour and the mind (pg.4) Explanations of Behaviour Biological Factors - ex. Neural, hormonal - ex. Look for irregularities in brain wiring Individual & Psychological Factors - ex. Learning, cognitive processes - ex. Person grew up in a violent home, is now a violent person Cultural & Environmental Factors - ex. Value systems, certain cultures - ex. The hotter the environment the more aggression Schools of Psychology Functionalism: Focus on the function or significance of behaviour - How does a behaviour or mental process help us to adapt - Primarily biological (Darwinian focus ie. Genes) - Modern examples: Psychobiology Neuroscience, Ethology Psychodynamic: Focus on the unconscious experience, the “mind” - Look for past unresolved conflict - Importance of personality - Modern examples: Brief Psychodynamic Therapy, Unconscious Processing Behaviourism: Focus on behaviour, forget the “mind” - Discuss how behaviour changes under various conditions
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