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Psychology 1000

2.nPstecaoloutyntakees ananydadtfe.renetaparromachyeseseatchers stundioofdbinhhvii(ar.d every) chapter in the text. Do not be concernChapter 1: The Science ofmes and dates of all the researchers. For the most part, you will not be expected to know thisinfortaatin.aIwriulheeeplcstiothtoaknoroahheesbgk”enatoehin study of behaviour. For example, James was a functionalist— psychology—Freud, Skinner, Piaget, Pavlov, etc. These are people whohheavtrehsedriseoImportant Pointsorchrmamnedlapferehsems).,If I ask you a question about any particular example, I will always give you. A enoufghciifoalattoillnskheqautsuopnosehaeleiavitir terves— cept. For example, I would not ask you what Darley & Latane (1968) If Ipossidltotastusoythehinina,antdthiwstodsy,iusoulssphrase it something like, “in the 1968 study by Darley & Latane on bystander interonttist,t”.eItsmavcihurisrsimego.,anattof,casvonv,heinresr)and Approaches to concepts rather than details and examples. believed that the study of behaviour must be limited to only those things that are observable. If you could not “see” a concept or process, it was useless to discuss it. Note that this does not discuss the study of Contemporary Fields thinking or memory—it just limits the area of research to observable aspects (e.g., number of words recalled). The As you read through this section, note the various approaches longto psychology. Think about the ways in which they are similar, psychology has roots extending back to the ancient Greek and then the ways i
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