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Lecture 4

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Psychology 1000
Erica Lawson

September 20, 2012 Psychology Lecture 4 Biological Foundations - More Research Design - The Neuron - Action Potential Next Time: The Synapse *(know very well)* Scan: p. 73 - 78 - What are some sources of bias in an experiment? - What is the basic structure of a neuron? - How do neurons "work"? How to Measure Aggression - Self-report - Verbal attack - Physical attack - "Safe" attack Threats to Validity - Internal Validity - degree to which experiment supports causal conclusion (want high internal validity) External Validity - degree to which results can be generalized - Demand Characteristics -cues in experiment which help convey what your hypothesis is to participants - they "help" the experimenter achieve they're hypothesis - Geen & Berkowitz (1967) - Experimenter Expectancy -Experimenter "conveys" hypothesis to participants - Intons-Peterson (1983) September 20, 2012 Frequently Asked Questions - David Myers - What lab experiments tell us about everyday life? - Doesn't behaviour depend on one's culture or gender or personality? - What do animal experiment's tell us about human behaviour? - Is it ethical to experiment on animals? - Is it ethical to experiment on humans? But how do i determine whether my study worked? - Look at the data (look at the numbers, statistics) The Nervous System 1) Descartes --> Reflex Arc - stimuli transferred from periphery to brain and reflected back. How? --> "Animal Spirits" - importa
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