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States of Consciousness Psychology Notes.pdf

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Western University
Psychology 1000
Dr T Biggs

States of ConsciousnessNovember 6 20121251 PMConsciousnessSubjective and privateDynamicSelfreflective and central to our sense of selfMeasuring states of consciousnessSelfreportsPhysiological measureseg electrodesBehavioural measuresEgoSuperego ConsciousFreuds Level of consciousnessThe conscious mind The tip of the icebergCurrent awareness of thoughts and perceptionsThe preconscious mindIdOutside current awarenessCan be recalled under certain conditionsSuper egoGuilt is the thing that keeps us in checkUNCONSCIOUSThe Unconscious mindUnavailable to consciousnessIncludes instincts such as sex drive and aggressionThe cognitive unconciousReisberg 1997The cognitive unconscious works in harmony with our conscious thoughtsControlled processingVoluntary use of attention and conscious processingAutomatic processingActivities carried out with little or no effort which may not require or give rise to conscious awarenessThe Emotional UnconsciousUnconscious processes can affect emotion and motivationThe Modular MindInteracting modules or brain networks for sensation perception memory emotions etc alter our consciousness States of Consciousness Lecture 6 Page 1 Circadian rhythmsNovember 6 20121255 PMCircadian rhythms are daily biological cyclesAre regulated by the suprachiasmatic nuclei in the hypothalamusEnvironmental factors like the daynight cycle also affect circadian rhythmsDistruption of Circadian rhythmsSeasonal Affective DisorderTendency to become depressed during certain months of the yearLinked to northern latitudesMore prevalent in Canada than the USJet lagOral Melatonin to reset circadian rhythmNightshiftworkShift to Daylight Savings spring leads to a temporary increase in accidental deaths Coren 1966 States of Consciousness Lecture 6 Page 2
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