Rehabilitation Sciences 3061A/B Lecture 6: Lecture 6: CSD

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Rehabilitation Sciences
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Rehabilitation Sciences 3061A/B
Emily Knight

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WEEK 4: Biological Foundations The Biological Foundations 3 important systems or mechanisms o The Vocal Mechanism Respiration Phonation Resonance o The Articulatory Mechanism Tongue, Lips, Mandible, Palate, Tee th o The Nervous System Central Nervous System Peripheral Nervous System The Respiratory System Job 1 Life Support will always seek first to maintain life Job 2 Breathing for speech o 1. quick, large inspiration o 2. slow, controlled, and sustained ex piration o 3. speech overlaid on this slow, controlled, and sustained expiration Job 3 Postural Support The Phonatory System Job 1 protect airway from aspiration Job 2 Phonation = Sound Production Air is driven from respiratory system through laryn x to vibrate the vocal folds Still just sound NOT speech yet The Resonance System Modifications that happen to sound as it passes through the pharyngeal, oral and nasal cavities Dependent on size (width, length), shape, tissue density of structure and o f movement of structures (tongue, lips, jaw) which consistently alter shape of cavity to enhance or dampen the sound wave Dependent on movement of soft palate in opening and closing of nasal cavity
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