Rehabilitation Sciences 3061A/B Lecture 4: Lecture 4: CSD

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Rehabilitation Sciences
Rehabilitation Sciences 3061A/B
Emily Knight

WEEK 3: Intervention Canada: Prevalence of hearing loss Nearly 14 adult Canadians report having some hearing loss (CHS Awareness Survey 2002) Audiometric results from the 20122013 Canadian Health Measures Survey reported that highfrequency hearing loss was prevalent in 35.4 of Canadians aged 20 70 >1 million adults Canadians reported having a hearing related disability (50 greater than the number reporting problems with their eyesight (StatsCan, 2002). Those suffering from hearing problems often under report their condition Intervention for Hearing Loss Audiology: Intervention Hearing loss frequently goes unnoticed Because it happens gradually , many people are in denial o Often stop communicating o Withdraw from family, friends and social situations because they cant understand what is being said. o Breakdown of support networks and the risk of depression Audiologist role: help improve communicat ion skills and stay connected socially Audiological Assessment identifies a hearing loss. What next? Medical Management Surgery: many procedures Drug therapy: varies with etiology and pathology Radiation therapy: gamma knife therapy for acoustic neur oma when surgery not an option Medical: Surgery for Otitis Media
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