Rehabilitation Sciences 3061A/B Lecture 2: OT LECTURE 2

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Rehabilitation Sciences
Rehabilitation Sciences 3061A/B
Emily Knight

RS 3061: Lecture 2 Scope of Practice o What they are allowed to do Areas of Practice o What they actually do in practice Occupational Therapy: RHPA Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 Set out the governing framework for the regulated health professions in Ontario The Regulated Health Professions Act acknowledges Occupational Therapists as autonomous practitioners The RHPA framework is intended to : o Better protect and serve the public interest; o Be a more open and accountable system of self governance; o Provide a more modern framework for the work of heal th professionals; o Provide consumers with freedom of choice; and o Provide mechanisms to improve quality of care. Key features of the RHPA include : o Scope of practice a statement that describes what the profession does; o Controlled acts (procedures or activi ties which may pose a risk to the public if not performed by a qualified practitioner); o Health regulatory colleges a corporation that governs each regulated health profession responsible for regulating the practice of the profession and governing its members according to the RHPA; o Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council an independent, armslength advisory body to the Minister of Health and Long Term Care with a mandate to advise the Minister of a number of items related to the regulation of he alth professions; and o Health Professions Appeal and Review Board an independent third party with a mandate to review registration and complaints decisions of the health regulatory College OT Scope of Practice The practice of OT is the assessment of fun ction and adaptive behaviour and the treatment and prevention of disorders which affect function or adaptive behaviour to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment function or adaptive behaviour in the areas of self care, productivity and leisure.
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