Hearing Loss

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Western University
Rehabilitation Sciences
Rehabilitation Sciences 3061A/B
Dennis Chesworth

What does hearing loss look like y Conversation and direct their ear towards you y Somebodys looking at your mouth y Hearing aidsy Somebody who is signing o No arol or oral y Most people with a hearing loss is very minimum o You sound muffled so its hard to follow and pay attention How do you know someone hears you y Smile and nod y Apprehension Fast Facts y Hearing loss most prevalent and fastest growing sensory disability in north America y 16 of population has some degree of hearing loss that impacts on communicationrdy 3 most common chronic disorder in persons over 65 y Prevalence increases to over 65 for persons over 85yrs o If working in health careneed to understand this fact hearing loss is not binarya skewed distribution most persons with hearing loss is mild loss Less than 1 are deaf Most do not use hearing aids or other assistive technologies What is Hearing Loss y Hearing function o Arrival of sound to hearing organ cochlea imbedded into the temporal bone in the body o Transduction of sound to nerve impulses o Neural processing brainstem to cortex Outer EarJust a canal for the sound to travelIf not there and other parts of earstill going to hear Middle Ear
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