Speech Language Pathology (Lecture 1)

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Rehabilitation Sciences
Rehabilitation Sciences 3061A/B
Dennis Chesworth

SpeechLanguage Pathology 1 Scope of PracticeThey assess treat diagnose and seek to prevent speech language and swallowing disordersWork with people who o Have difficulty making speech sounds o Voice quality problems breathlessness harshness or lack of voice o Fluency problems stuttering o Seeking to improve communicationattention memory problem solving disorders o Use hearing aids or cochlear implantsMay also contribute to teaching in a clinical setting o Mentoring and teaching studentsHelp anyone along the age spectrumMost common head injurystroke Where do SLP Work y May take place in various settings o preschool elementary and high schools o hospitalsboth acute care and rehab o nursing homes o private practice o academiaresearch o centres for the developmentally disabled o childrens treatment centresdealing with a lot of spinalbiphida and CP using communication systems outside of traditional speaking methodsipad being used a lot o patientclient homes Clinical Service Spectrum 1 Preventiono Primaryprograms that are very broad in scope that we give to anybodyExample public health unitbaby development what you look out for etc broad Anybody can come o Secondarynarrow in scope Want to pick a target population that we think is at risk Identify peopleearlyExamplefamilies in neonatal ICU skills for rolling crawling etcExample 2 speech pathologist here in london doing secondary prevention in the theatre Using voice and how to maintain function
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