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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Corrine Walsh

Class 5: Hinduism 10/9/2012 2:56:00 PM Hindu is a western word Hinduism refers to a word that means Indian Hinduism: Why is it unique? -inclusive -no founder- you don‟t speak of the founder, you speak of the foundations sacred texts? Historical Orientation of Hinduism -Indus Valley Civilization- river in North of India Aryan -came from northwest and conquered the region - means „noble ones‟ -brought in the caste system Vedic Period (1200-200 BCE) -when sacred texts, „vedas‟ being produced Souce of Hindu Myths Veda -„Knowledge‟ (Sanskrit) -Collection of early Hindu religious scriptures -Also know as samhitas („collection‟) Two general categories/types of vedic scriptures: -Shruti= „heard‟ -considered divinely inspired, fully authoritative -Smruti= remembered -recognized as products of the mid of great Hindu sages -Often explain shruti scriptures and make them meaningful to general population Rig Veda -most important- more then 10000 verses, 10 different books Agnc- god of fire Indra- rain god Rudra- storm god/ howler Fire ritual -enacted by the priests (Brahman) -Brihaspati Sama Veda -chants, music Yajur Veda -contain the section that the priest said (prayers, wisdom of the priests) Athara Veda - Upanishads -collection of teachings about the self and Ultimate Reality -Last part of the Vedas -Upa= “near”; ni=”down; sad= to sit -„Sitting down near‟ -talks about life death, the end of the world Bhagavad Gita -section of the upanishads -Most cherished document in Hinduism -Summarizes the fundamental ideas of Hinduism -Describes important concepts such as Ultimate Reality, duties of life, how to live according to laws of dharma etc -dialogue between two characters Krishna – Lord Vishnu – Arjuna Kirishna- reincarnation of Vishnu
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