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Lecture - World Religions as an Academic Discipline

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Religious Studies
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Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

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World Religions as an Academic DisciplineSir William Jones 17461794 y English o England starting to take over India spice trade y Went to Calcutta Bengal as supreme court judge 1783 y Natural love of language y Studied Indian languages especially Sanskrit o Texts date back to 1500 BC o Discovered that it was very similar to Latin Greek German o IndoEuropean Languages y Began the study of linguistics y Sanskrit traced back to people who called themselves Aryans noble ones o Traced to Iran Ancient Persia o Cognates o Aryan RaceHitler also adopted the swastika original svasti symbol for good luck and prosperity Hitler took it as symbol of Aryan Race o Result of Germans trying to trace their history as far back of possibleF Max Muller y From Paris then went to Oxford University y Prof of religions
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