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Lecture 1 - Indian Buddhism

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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

Indian Buddhism y 3 Lessons for course o Who is the Buddha o What did the Buddha teach o How did the tradition grow over time y Buddha o Means awakened o Lived later than Mahavira o Exact dates up in the air o In Buddhist texts hear about death of Mahavira alive at the same time in IndiaMay or may not be true y Historical figure o Probably actually existed o 563483 BC tho More modern estimatelived during 5 Century BC y Emperor Asokapromoted Buddhism sent missionaries rdo Ruled from mid3 century BC 250 BC o Buddha died 218 years beforeOthers say he died 100 years before y 3 Sources for Buddha biography o Earliest texts in Buddhist traditionClosest to understand person Buddha was o Later legendary biographiesWritten 500 years after Buddha diedLike Superman myth or legend o Cosmic historyLooks back at his past lives y Life according to Earliest Sources o Conversations sermons o Bits and pieces about life o Born into ksatriya classOdds not good to rise to be great leader in Hinduism o Gautama lineage gotralineageBuddha most frequently referred to as GautamaClanSakya y Also referred to as Sakyamuni muni sage orSakyaputra putrason o Oldest name for Buddhism while Buddha still aliveSakyaputriya sramanas o Father Suddhodanaon council of Sakya clan Mother Maya means illusionLived in KapilavastuBorn in Lumbini
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