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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Indian Buddhism

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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

Indian Buddhism 2 y Buddha is not the first Buddha he is one of many o Met Dipankara past Buddha and wanted to be like him y What did the Buddha teachtalk about o Middle path no harsh asceticismTreat body with respect mind wont be clear enough for enlightenmentNirvana means blown out o Human existence not goodsufferingThing in way of achieving nirvana distraction o Speculative philosophical questionsMalunkyaputta6 months in order Buddha didnt answer his questionsBuddha refused questions you have are endless wont get you closer to nirvanaLike a man shot in the leg with a poison arm only reasonable thing to do is pull it out and wont pull it out until he knows who shot him his family lineage etc He would die before he got all the answersSometimes answers questions but usually doesnt make syntactical sense but is a nonsensical question o Most of what he taught is his own assessment of things o World characterized b
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