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Lecture 1 - Jainism

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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

Ways to study religionssame time SynchronicDiachronic across time go through it over time pay attention to times when certain events happenedJainism y One of the founders of JainismMahavira o Means great hero y Same time as the Buddhist tradition began o Buddha means awakened one y Both accept the Vedic gods y 6th century BC y Upanisads written and caused turmoil between some people in the Hindu tradition especially to do with y Samsarao Fundamental problem in all Indian traditions at the time y Left the Hindu traditiono Didnt buy into Upanishad solution o Became sramanasstrivers o Heterodox nonHindu o Antisacrifice especially not animal radical nonviolence o No creator god cannot appeal for your salvationHad no particular power to your salvation
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