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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Sikhism

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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

Sikhism 2 y Gurus not equally important y 1Nanak y 2Gobind Singh y 3Arjan y NanakSikhism because he appointed a successor o First successor LahinaAngad o Stabilized the group invented the Gurumukhi script o Nanak had sons but chose someone else unrelated to him y Amar Das o Converted by Angad not related o Created local masands local leader of Sikh communityTradition getting quite large one leader couldnt manage it Homebase Goindval in Punjab o Thought a standardized scripture should be createdGoindval pothisFirst attemptNeeded it to be organized spread the word etc y Ram Das o Soninlaw of Amar Das oFounded AmritsarAmritnot dead sarpond pond of the nectar of immortalityDeclared it a holyscared siteTurned it into a pondlakeBecomes centre of Sikh tradition most scared site y Arjan o Son of Ram Das o Third most important Guru o Took Goindval pothis and added his own 2000 hymns o Became the AdiGranth the firstoriginal book o Over 6000 devotional hymns Arjan wrote 13o 16031604 o Became closed canon reopened to insert more but closed again reopened by Godbind Singh o Introduction and closingIntroduction includes Nanaks japji recited in the morning fairly long prayer o Printing pressall material on the same page makes them all the same o Built HarimandiraHariGod mandiratempleInstalled original copy of AriGranth in Harimandira in 1604 o Killed in 1606 by Mughal Emperor JahangirVery liberal emperor
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