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Lecture 1 - Confucianism

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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

Confucianism 1 y China communist since 1949 under Chairman Mao o Peoples Republic of China o Others chased out to Taiwan o Believed religion is merely a source of consolation Marx o Communism to put an end to religion didnt happenCommunists are atheists o Freedom of religion in China as long as your beliefs dont contradict with communist beliefs o Mao hated ConfuciusBirthday celebrated every year before Mao not celebrated again until 2010 y 19111949 o Republic of China o Authoritarian Republican State only one political state y Before 1911 o Ruled by dynasties y Mythological Emperors of the Past before civilization o HuangTi Yellow Emperor o Yao o Shun o Mentioned by Confucius frequently o Culture heroes agriculture writing architecture silk etc y Hsia 21001600 BCE o Purely mythological Neol
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