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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Japanese Buddhism

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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

Japanese Buddhism 2 y How did Saicho and Kukai make Japanese Buddhism unique o Saicho and Kukai first major figures to make Buddhism not a source of magic power o Was very reliant on Chinese and Korean monks went to Chine and took possession of Buddhismo Kukai bigger personality Saichos sect more popular o Heian period 7941184 flowering of Japanese culturecut off from China especially when they came up with their own writing system o Japanese capital and royal family and aristocrats becoming more self absorbed in Japanese cultureEmperorEmpress started to ignore everything outside the capital little support to governorsStarted raising armies eventually became known as samurai o 1185one samurai group came out on top took everything but the capital cityWent to the capital guard no match for samuraiTook over Japan let royal family live in HeianIn power until 1868Moved to Kamakura 11851333 y 3 Major Sects of Buddhism all formed la
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