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Lecture 1 - Judaism

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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

Judaism y Claim they are the decedents of Abraham o Also many other Middle Eastern people o Christians are spiritual children of Abraham y What Happened After Abraham Died o Lived 18002000 before Jesus o First parts of bibles historical stories of what happened to the decedents of Abraham idols o Special tribenomads only tribe that didnt have many others suspicious strange they worship a power beyond imagination o 23 generations after Abraham migrated to EgyptWhen climate bad in Middle East moved to Egypt big country gift of the NileHappened many timesHad to ask permission from the Pharaoh y King very powerful empireBible children of Abraham became slaves in Egypt y Construction workers of pyramidsStarted to get alienated from monotheistic faith y Egyptians polytheistic Pharaoh was a god y Pharaoh had to marry someone form their own blood
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