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Lecture 1 - Christianity

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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Mahdi Tourage

Christianity 1 y Thought it would be a branch of Judaism but who thought that the Messiah had come y Concentrated around one personJesus Christ o JesusHebrew name Yeshua means salvation o ChristGreek means Messiah or holy leader y All Christians believe that Jesus was the Messiahson of God o Brought some kind of guidance for your spiritual peace more than a political leader y Christians suppose that we have 2 realities coexisting together o 1reality where your body is existing o 2spiritual reality some kind of eternal substance o They are intertwined and we participate in both y Jesus historical person o Born around year zeroone o Died at 33 know nothing about his early years until he was 303 year record of his life o Didnt write anything written by his disciples o Apolitical poor loving teacher didnt know othe
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