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Religious Studies
Religious Studies 1023E
Corrine Walsh

Religion & Violence - Is Religion the Problem Religion has been part of warfare for Centuries – A prominent feature of Religions Landscape 50 yrs ago theologians never thought it would be so big – larger than ethnic or racial wars. Single Largest factor of war/conflict – going back as far as time. Typically the media doesn’t cover the religious aspect b/c our culture is embedded in Religion – most societies laws / values & norms/ morality are derived from Religion. Scott Appleby ‘s - Ambivalence of the Sacred At a given moment any two religious actors, each possessed of impeachable devotion & integrity, might reach diametrically opposed conclusions about the will of God &the path to follow: Violent as well as nonviolent acts fall readily within the range.- All religions have a wide spectrum of religion & violence Spectrum of the Ambivalence of the Sacred Holy War - - - - - - - - - - -Just War - - - - - - Just Peacemaking - - - - - - Pacifism Holy War: Any war fought by divine command or for a primarily religious purpose - In All Abrahamic religions (Crusaides) were a serious of at least 8 wars 1096-1270 BCE in the middle ages taking over the holy land even up untill the 17th century - Christian military forces left Europe & went into the middle east supported by the popes & political leaders – soldiers used sign of the cross to identify themselves as Christians – promised converts $ / land / spiritual reward – to liberate them from non chrisitan rulers. Just War Some wars are okay b/c they are in interest of Justice & bring about peace Just Peacemaking Mid point b/w Just War & Pacifism - focus of actions are more towards peacemaking methods that work to create conditions of peace Pacifism Commitment to Pacifism & reject war – Killing is morally wrong Motivations for Holy War - Fight to defend religion against its enemies – ppl who threaten the religion / don’t
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