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Sociology 1021E

Role of the State Legitimate Moral and Coercive Authority  The state protects the market (profit) Totalitarianism Authoritarianism Democracy Socialism Elite control of power Public regulation Public ownership  Military Private ownership Worker state  Monarchies  Dictators  Relationship between democracy and capitalism is constantly in play  Markets are global and we have to view them as such  State: o Elected gov’t o Education system curriculum o Military o Health care o Transportation communication o Taxation: distribution of wealth o Criminal justice system o Media Origins of the (Capitalist) State  Distribution and management of wealth o Protect the capacity to produce wealth  Protect individuals against arbitrary use of power o Dictators. Purpose of the State  Protect means to wealth (how it’s accumulated)  Provision of civil society o Public services, rule of law  Social and economic stability: submission and violence o G20 protests – instability Class-Based State Power Elite: Corporate and Political Interests State institutions: law, media, education, military Civil society  At the end of the day, the law will crack down on people who threaten the power elite  State is relatively autonomous. Appears democratic  Role of state: o Legitimation of authority o Accumulation of profit o Coercion: when legitimation fails  When there’s a problem, we look to other people. “What did you do?” Warrantless arrests; strip search; physical restraint Detention; humiliation Force
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