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Sociology 1021E

Socialization: Making of the Self – Making of Society - Moving the social world into the external world - The brain explains how we do things, but WHY do we do things? - Not everything is purely instinct o In the grocery store, you don’t sit in the aisle and eat o You hide your snacking on food in the store so you don’t get caught o Toddlers don’t understand this – they scream and open boxes on Smarties o These things are socially managed Becoming Social Toolbox of social interaction - Language - Dress - Body gestures Culturally specific Know how to play the roles required of front: front stage (public) and back stage (private) Making of the Self Attaining the self through meaningful interaction Social isolation: undeveloped self - Cannot develop fully Fully human only through social interaction - What happens when/if people are isolated? - The longer you’re isolated, the more social competence you lose If you expose people to certain environments, their values and behaviour and whatnot start to shift. If everyone is a blank slate, we can see the damage of being treated poorly, but we can also see the potential for growth if nurtured. Self derived only through social experience Anticipatory socialization: University teaches you how to manage your time, meet deadlines, etc. Dynamic across life course Know ourselves only in relation to others A cute guy you’ve been “working on” blows you off – you go hide and ask what’s wrong with you Looking Glass Self How others see us is how we see ourselves The more significant the person, the more significant the impact. Our ability to be resilient is based on our prior relationships with people AIDS patient: dead man walking - Media images (either a junkie or sexually promiscuous) - Doctor interactions (body becomes a lab) - Social stigma (you can be charged criminally if you don’t tell sexy time partners that you’re HIV positive) Living with AIDS Physical collapse and social isolation of illness Self-concept can resist loss of physical loss - Redefining meaning of the present Rituals of self-preservation (self = mind) - Journal writing - Legacy projects (art, politics, etc. They’re dead to society so they preserve their minds) Who am I? – Who do you want me to be? “I” Internal Desires  Social Self  “Me” Series of Social Roles *Fragmented+ What we want What we need to do “I didn’t want to come to class today, but students were counting on me” The terrible twos – kids are so focused on “I” and are frustrated by the “me” We need to balance the two – we don’t want self-obsessed people but we don’t wan
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