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Sociology 1021E

Institutional Life Formal control of institutions Reproducing Order Self discipline: Schools; jails; hospitals Control through ridicule, desire for status Functionalist: people in prison deserve it Conflict: result of p… something Making Normal: Making Order Role selection & performance  Cultural values and norms  social institutions  socialization  … Start again Inequality in social institutions contradicts values – gender inequality, etc. Role distancing/role exit  role expectations  Role performance  role strain/role conflict/role ambiguity -- resistance tactics  And again The fine line between being a “con lover” or a “hard ass” as a prison guard – wearing make-up makes you a con lover. Institutional Life (As a female prison guard)  Lack of social solidarity o No cohesion to manage stressors  Gendered social networks o Drinking; baseball teams; shooting competitions  Self-fulfilling prophecy: false beliefs Strategies of Impression Management  Role expectation: script and form - You think twice about what you wear  Role performance: loss of self o Disconnect between I and me – What’s expected of you (the me) overwhelms the I  Role strain: resistance tactics o Uniform – Shaping a boxy shirt with safety pins, etc. o Shift switching – To not carry a weapon Non Verbal Communication  Site of social interaction o Site of resistance  Respect of defy authority through body language; eye contact o E.g. late for work; lose keys – You’re not like “I’m early, Imma get a coffee.” But it’s hard to get up for work or get dressed on time.  Strategies relative for social power On le bus – hot guy gets on and you move your bag off the seat. Mumbling guy gets on and you put the bag back Meaning of Touch  Depends on context and setting – If you’re sad about your exam mark, the prof won’t hug you  Case study: women in crisis o Supportive touch as therapeutic strategy – women who self-harm, when they are placed in segregation it gets worse. (The logic was to punish bad behaviour – why reward someone who bangs their head against the wall?). They realized this didn’t work and gave them supportive touch (holding their hand, etc) and put them with other people.  Promoted inmate interaction – The same logic that applied when the prof felt disconnected from her coworkers. Felt it supported
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