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2. Race and Ethnicity -Chapter 10.docx

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Western University
Sociology 1021E
Secil Erdogan

Chapter 10: Race and Ethnicity January 21, 2013  Race –classification of people into distinct groups by heritable phenotypic characteristics, geographic ancestry and physical appearance  Ethnicity –a category composed of people who share cultural heritage; ethnic groups differ from one another in terms of language, religion, customs, values etc.  Prejudice –an attitude that judges a person according to his or her group’s real or imagined characteristics o Negative attitudes, theory  Discrimination –unfair treatment of people because of their group membership o Harmful actions, practice  Racism –the belief that races exist, that physical differences determine cultural traits, and that racial characteristics make some groups superior  The Social Construction of Rave o Social construct o No scientific evidence o Racial distinctions are not biological givens o One human race which originated in Africa  Intermixing –race as a biological category has lost nearly all meaning  Cablinasian –what Tiger Woods claims to be, part Caucasian, black, Native American Indian and part Asian Intercolonialism –involves once rave or ethnic group subjugating another in the same country o Segregates the colonized in terms of jobs, housing, and social contracts, and prevents integration o Victims in Canada –Aboriginals, Quebecois, and African Canadians Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples  Expulsion –forcible removal of a population from a territory  Government of Canada was accused of cultural genocide  The policy of assimilation –residential schools The Quebecois  Conquest –forcible capture of land  English conquered New France in 1759 and took over virtually all large-scale commerce
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