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Western University
Sociology 1021E
Daphne Heywood

I also found this topic really interesting. I was watching television a couple of weeks ago and in the show a women had enrolled her children in a private school and this private school upon entry would take an aptitude and based on the academic level they were categorized in. The categories were labelled chipmunks, giraffes, and another animal I cannot recall. Basically the parents nor the children were told what the categories were and who was smarter than who although each animal got different work. This system drove parents insane as they tried out figure out if their children were more smarter or slower. As outlined in the textbook this method has many cons. Alienation, unnecessary drama, and conflict are just small examples of what could happen. I went to a high school were there were gifted kids, and I did not really understand how segregated we were until reading this passage. It really shines a light on how education systems work. I know the topic o
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