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Sociology 1021E
Daphne Heywood

The emergent norm theory can be applied to many different things in our everyday society. I particularly see the link that you made between bullying and emergent norm theories. I am pretty sure we are all guilty of some sort of this behavior whether we like to admit it or not. Another example would be when there is a class discussion and the class may be asked to raise their hand when a certain topic that they agree with is announced. I feel that if the majority of the class raises their hands for a particular option, others may be more likely to choose that option as well as the majority of the class does. I feel this concept goes hand in hand with the theory of acceptance. In previous chapters it has been mentioned that people follow the trends of others in order to gain acceptance. Not staying consistent with the crowd can be seen as an act of rebellion which can lead to informal sanctions such as gossip, ridicule, etc. Overall I see emergent norm theory as a concept that explains ones actions towards fitting in with the rest of society. We can all agree that the media plays a giant role in our lives. The media has helped make many break throughs over the decades especially with social movements. I can admit if it wasn’t for media outlets I would not be aware of what is going on around the globe, such as political issues in the middle east, and other conflicts around the world. We see the media as a direct outlet into the world and the issues that mankind may be facing on the other end of the world. I also feel as if the media can cause a lot of issues as well. We may not realize it but the media can control the way we think the way we act, etc. and companies that control major outlets can control all of that. The idea that someone or a giant corporation can control your life in such a way is a bit intimidating. I feel as if the media also prepares us for the worst. In chapter 15, I recall reading a passage where the media is an outlet to the rest of the world where we are aware of wars, violence, and even terrorist attacks. An example of this would be terrorist videos from the Al-Quada sending threats to citizens of other countr
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