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Lecture 6

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Sociology 1021E
Nigel Joseph

Cultural Variations societal types and evolutionUniversal features of human culture across the world Culture contains ideas about many features of human existence but any cultural universals incest taboos polygamy infanticideSexual Conduct India believes at night can cause birth of a blind child Missionary came to be because thats all the people did back in the day Kissing is unknown in some cultures Americans have sex 23 times a wk All cultures vary in sexual conduct such as violence kissing etc Cultural Relativism as sociologist not here to judge or evaluate cultural content try to set aside our own personal judgment Willingness to judge or evaluate practices of other people from a standpoint of their particular culture as opposed to our outlook from our culture Ethnocentrism peoples of every culture of varying degrees often believe that their culture and practices are superior Practice of judging another culture by the standards of one owns cultureSome cultures look out and call other cultures barbarians or immoral because of their practices This is representing human nature WE often conclude that other cultures are inferior Negative judgments and evaluations often result in cultural conflict Cultural Conflict clash of civilizations People coming into the dominant culture creates a clash Ie individuals who wear Hijab can create a conflict when in Canada because our culture does not believe in that and it is undesirable Ie teachers wifes mom no English struggles in the community because of the communication barrier Subcultures to refer to cultural patterns that differ from the dominant culture set some particular group apart from the dominant culture Race and ethnicity have reinforced tremendous amounts of diversity within our culture Every culture has boundaries they try to establish and reestablish what constitutes a true Canadian What do you typically think of or symbols that reflect dominant Canadian culture ie Tim Hortons Hockey winter Beer First Nations and how they dont shut up etcCould be through race ethnicity certain group drugs etc Would you like to supersize that In IndiaHinduism and the sacred cow cows we think of food Illegal there to kill a cow Draft animals and zebu cows
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