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Sociology 2233
Brendan Murphy

Unit 14 ObedienceObedienceConformity in response to the commands of authority figuresUnder strong social pressure individuals will conform to authority even when this means doing something immoralFor example o Soldiers in WW2 followed the behaviour of others who make killing seem like the right thing to do informational influence o Some wanted to avoid rejection from their peers normative social influence o Soldiers obeyed authority figures social norm without questioning their actionsMilgrams Study of ObedienceWatch the Video o Did participants obey o Did any participants give the maximum shock 50100 participantso Did any of the participants stop the experiment when they heard the other persons cries of distressExperimental MethodsMilgrams studies are an excellent example of the experimental methodPsychological realism how real the study felt to the participants o Everyone believed the study effects of punishment on learning o Ability of the study to examine the effect of authorityMundane realism the extent that the experiment is similar to everyday life o Not a good example o Nee
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